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Refund Policy

Renaissance Media Ltd operates a Money Back Guarantee. If at any stage a subscriber is not satisfied with the magazine, the remaining portion of the subscription will be refunded in full, less any bank charges.


Subscriptions are accepted on the basis that they will be paid for at the advertised rate. Rates may change from time to time and will take effect immediately. Any changes to the rates will not apply to orders made prior to the date of such change. Subscriptions commence from the next published issue.

Single copy subscriptions and back issues

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Data Protection

Renaissance Media Ltd is committed to preserving your privacy while at the same time providing a professional, useful and personalised service. We have developed a strictly enforced anti-spam policy to protect and establish trust between our subscribers and ourselves.

Copyright Notice

All material published in the magazine, eNewsletter and online at are Frontier Energy’s copyrighted material. Redistribution of any kind without a prior written permission of Frontier Energy (including but not restricted to, redistribution by e-mail, publishing in part on your company's Intranet and publishing on Internet) of any material published by Frontier Energy, will violate Frontier Energy’s copyright, and is prohibited by law. You may, however, download material from Frontier Energy for your own personal use.

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