Past Issues of Frontier Energy

Frontier Energy, Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014

Project Roundup

Drilling Technology

Sea Spray

Made in Scotland

Power Trip

Frontier Energy, Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Russia Arctic Ambition

Icebreakers - Pushing the Limits

Polar Cose - Filling the Gaps

Oil Spill Response

Arctic Economic Council

Issue 7

Spring 2014

Atlantic Canada

Memorial Universtiy

Northern Sea Route

Offshore Alaska

Arctic Shipping

Issue 6

Winter 2014

Norway's Barents Region

Radar Navigation

Polar Shipping Routes

Issue 5

Autumn 2012

Polar Code

Drillship Design

Statoil in Canada

Oil Spills

Gas Hydrates

Issue 4

Summer 2012

Barents Sea

Radar Detection

Spill Recovery

Aurora Concept

Issue 3
November 2012

Ice Science: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

Shell in Alaska: Investment in safety

Gusto MSC: The new ice age

Team Work: Oil spill recovery

Issue 2
August 2012

Barents Sea: In production

Radar Detection: sigma 6 from Rutter

Spill Recovery: Testing time for SORS

Aurora Concept: New thinking on cleaning up

Alaska's North Slope: National Park search

Issue 1
May 2012

Norway: Looking north

Northwest Passage: Arctic shipping

Life Saving: Viking on board

Nordstream: Landfall Germany

Arctic Futures: Search & Rescue

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